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Reinette laughed giddily as the TARDIS began to shake and move. Caught between the console and the Doctor, she was kept firmly in place. Her body bounced back against him, a situation that Reinette found both pleasing and desirable. She looked up at the Doctor, unable to believe that this ship was leading her to her stars. Yet, she had seen it in his mind. When she had stepped through, images had flashed of a blue box that he seemed to love more than anyone in the entire world.

Without a thought, she reached up and placed a kiss on his lips.

The Doctor was quite shocked when Reinette had kissed him (although he should have been prepared for such an occurrence). The Doctor’s mind swept clean, as his free hand (that was actually guiding the ship) spun off the controls to rest on the woman’s cheek as he indulged a bit in the kiss. It was only when the alarm sounded that the Doctor realized what had happened. 

Breaking the kiss, the Doctor’s hands moved frantically to stop  the TARDIS, and when it slowed he couldn’t help but smile. Grasping Reinette’s hand, the Doctor lead her over to the door, reaching into his jacket pocket for two pairs of sunglasses. Setting his on his face, he flashed a glance towards Reinette.

"You ready?"


Rose couldn’t help but think about what he said, it was sweet. She heard his usual yell, which made her feel better. She hoped her nervousness would calm, because she hoped for the best.

She got out of the truck, the door slamming when she closed it. She began to walk next to the Doctor, giving him glances. They climbed up the staircase, and Rose grabbed her keys from her pocket. She reached the door, but stopped. 

“This outta be fun.” She said. She turned the keys and opened the door, smelling pasta. She removed the keys from the lock and stepped on foot inside. “I’m home!” she yelled.

The Doctor followed Rose’s lead to the door, ghostly running his warm fingers over the woman’s knuckles as he watched her hands reaching for the door knob. Retracting her hand as the door swung open and the woman walked in and called out, the Doctor could feel both his hearts pounding. Well, they were going to find out one way or another, may as well be direct.

"So am I!" He called, ducking his head in the door, before shimmying his way around Rose, kicking off his shoes.

The Doctor was greeted with a clatter, almost sounding as if someone in the kitchen had dropped something. Then, out came Jackie, rushing about like a chicken with her head cut off.

"But—you… You were!" She stammered. The Doctor smiled hugging Jackie lightly. "Yeah, nice to see you as well, Jacks."

The Hour Before Dawn Is The Darkest


Rose’s eyes moved around the room slowly, settling on the woman in the corner as she quite calmly ordered another drink. It had the blonde’s stomach sinking, the urge to tell her exactly what was going to happen to her tonight. Of course, she wouldn’t, that would be stupid and reckless and she looked back down to the bread in her hands, breathing a sigh.

“Alright, fine.” Voice trembling just a little, Rose agreed, lifting her gaze back to the Doctor and she pressed the remains of the bread against his chest. There was an anger in her eyes, though it was mostly overclouded with fear. “I’ll do this, but for her.” She jutted a thumb in Mary’s direction.

The Doctor watched somewhat astounded as the woman proceeded to more and more furious, not entirely understand why she was acting out in such a manner, but by the time that the Doctor had opened his mouth to speak, Rose was already making her way over to Mary.

Sighing and leaning against the bar, the Doctor tucked his hands into his pockets, eyes carefully surveying the area. The timelord knew that somewhere, lingering in the darkness he sat, waiting, preying; and no matter what, the Doctor wouldn’t allow anything to harm Rose.

(Source: thelonelychildofgallifrey)



Picking the woman up, he spun her around in a tight hug before setting her back down on her feet. “Well, you certainly are a sight for sore eyes!”

She looked up at him, grinning. “Likewise! I’ve missed you. How’ve you been?” words started coming out of her mouth before she could stop them

The Doctor flashed a toothy grin at the woman. “Oh, you know. Same ol’ same ol’. Saving the whole of time and space, nothing too exciting.”


Rose leaned against him when someone almost knocked her over. “I’d prefer it without the rotten meat if I can be honest.” She answered laughing suddenly an idea popping in her head. She turned around to ask him: “Are you trying to get me drunk by going in here?” , She then noticed how close she was standing next to him and felt butterflies fill her stomach while she turned red. “Sorry… Didn’t mean to get uhm… So close…” She stammered taking a step back.

“Do timelords ever get drunk actually?” She asked curiously looking him in the eyes.

The Doctor smiled at his peerky companion before grasping her hand and keeping her as close as she dared to be near him. Walking over to the barkeep the Doctor ordered two pints of mead before sliding across various tiny coins.

"Not really, the Timelords have been drinking for as long as the human race has been alive." He stated turning around. "We’ve built up a genetic tolerance for alcohol, unless it’s very strong; it doesn’t affect us." He said, spinning round, grasping the two steins of amber liquid before passing one off onto Rose. "Although, if we’re talking about the nineteenth century and absinthe, then yes. I can get drunk, however it takes much more for me to get drunk."

(Source: thelonelychildofgallifrey)

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